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"I frequently tramped eight or ten miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech-tree, or a yellow birch, or an old acquaintance among the pines."

Henry David Thoreau

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Wanted: Dead or Alive

Emerald Ash Borer

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Welcome to Maine Forestry
This website is your free forest information source with topics on Maine forest laws, shore land regulations, taxes,  pruning, thinning, timber harvesting, wildlife, forestry news , cost-share programs, and much more!

If you need forestry assistance, help is just a phone call or e-mail away.  The laws and rules governing your woodlot are continually changing and you must keep up to date of the these changes.  You are responsible for activities that are undertaken on your land.  You must know the current laws or hire someone that does.  I am a licensed professional forester with many years of experience in the woods related industry.  I would take great pride in managing or assessing your timberlands or woodlot.  Together we could accomplish your goals.  Some objectives or goals you may want to consider would include:

  • Learn more about your woodlot.
  • Improve the beauty and recreational value of your woodlot.
  • Improve wildlife habitat, soil, and water quality.
  • Improve the rate of growth and the quality of your trees and your timber profits.
  • Conduct a timber harvest on your property
  • Assure a steady supply of firewood.
  • Produce other valuable forest products.  
  • Help keep the environment clean with healthy air.
  • Enhancing the forest and biological diversity.

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Maine Forest News

New MFS Publication: The Forestry Rules of Maine - 2014 - Excellent Guide  click here

Forest Practices Law Changes for 2014 click here

New MFS Publication: Insect and Disease Conditions for Maine, Vol. 1 (4/11/14) click here

Maine Insect and Disease Update - June 2014 click here

Asian Longhorned Beetle Alert  click here

Emerald Ash Borer Alert click here

Tax Tips for the 2014 tax season click here

Landowner Liability Law Explained  click here

The Farm and Open Space Tax Law  click here

Post your land by using the proper color paint on your boundary lines.  Find the rule here. click here

Timber Harvesting Concerns

Are you planning on harvesting timber on your property in the future?  Here are some considerations you should know about.

Timber Harvest Planning click here

Timber Harvest Systems click here

Timber Harvest Methods click here

Five State Laws That Affect Timber Harvesting click here

Do I need a someone to supervise the harvest? click here


Maine Notes

Gold in Maine click here   

Maple Syrup Production click here






Forest Information

Tree Growth Tax Law Enrolling in this program will save you a lot of tax money on your woodlands Program details and 2014 rates listed here. Deadline for this tax year: April 1, 2016   click here

WoodsWISE Funding Available for 2014:  Maine's cost-shared WoodsWISE program currently has money for forest management plans.  The cost-share rate is 50% of plan's cost.  These plans are also eligible to be used for tree growth plans.  Contact me for more information.  Contact

Woodland Property Valuations Rates in Aroostook Towns click here

Woodland Steward Program: This is a new resource for landowners seeking to learn more about their land and options for its long-term stewardship. A collaborative effort of the Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine, Maine TREE Foundation and New England Forestry Foundation.  Visit the site:

The MFS has released the official interpretation of the statewide standard rule for timber harvesting in Shoreland Areas that became effective January 1, 2013.  click here

Forest Connect offers Webinars for Forest Owners:  Program offers live, interactive seminars on a wide array of topics.   click here

NEW CONSERVATION STEWARDSHIP PROGRAM:  New program encourages existing conservation activities and the adoption of additional ones on your forestlands.   click here

Stumpage Report Posted:  Maine timber prices for the 2013 year (new 11/14). click here

Liquidation Harvesting:  A new Maine law addresses the practice of buying land, harvesting and then reselling. click here

Eagle Lake Lakeshore Regulations:  Find info concerning lot clearing, home construction, remodeling, timber harvesting, permitting, and more.  click here

The St. John Forest Experiment: The Nature Conservancy only holdings in Maine that melds conservation goals with sustainable timber harvesting click here

Certified land gets preference for forestry assistance:  Owners of family forest land who are third-party certified now get a little extra credit. click here

Maine Tax Credit for Forest Management Plans  click here

Tornado is confirmed in Eagle Lake (2009). An EF-1 tornado damages an area over 3 miles long and approximately 100 yards wide. Check out some of the pictures in the Photo Album.  click here 

Tree and Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs require a certain amount of yearly maintenance if they are to remain healthy and be a proud piece of your landscape.  The following articles will provide you with basic tree care tips.

Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs click here

Pruning Deciduous Trees and Shrubs click here

Planting Shrubs click here

Planting Trees click here

Guidelines for Assessing Storm Damaged Trees click here

Pruning Storm Damaged Trees click here

Managing Winter Injury to Trees and Shrubs click here

How to Graft Apple Trees click here

Renovating Old Apple Trees click here

Backyard Wildlife Habitats

You can attract more wildlife by planning your own backyard wildlife habitat.  Careful selection of trees, shrubs, and flowers can help attract the kind of wildlife you may want to attract to your property.  The following articles will explain the various requirements of backyard habitats:

Backyard Wildlife Habitats click here

Backyard Wildlife Habitats - Maine Cooperative Extension Bulletin  click here

Feeding Wild Birds click here

More Forestry News  

These are some of the forestry articles of interest to Maine's landowners.

Emerald Ash Borer Poses Threat to Maine

Tree Farm Certified in Mapleton

The Lammert Report - Firewood

Firewood Tips

Wood Conversion Chart

Vernal Pools are Important to Maine's Forest Ecology

Managing Beaver Damage

Direct Link Loan Program: 2% Interest Forestry Loans



Forestry Ed 101

Pruning Your Forest Trees

Crop Tree Management

Insects and Disease

Timber Stand Improvement

Tree Diseases

Thinning Young Forests

What is Thinning?

Beech Bark Disease


The Maine Woodlot 

Woodland Trails: Trails offer access to your woodlot if you have no roads or want to access areas with no road access click here

The Maine Woodlot Series:  This series of articles was written by me to help you make informed decisions about your woodlot. Check back as I will add chapters as I write them.

Chapter 1:  What is a Woodlot? click here

Chapter 2:  What are my Objectives click here

Chapter 3:  Boundary Lines   click here

Chapter 4:  Soils  click here

Chapter 5:  What is on Your Woodlot? click here

Chapter 6:  Forest Health click here

Chapter 7:  Forest Management  click here






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